Where is Community Building process important


Getting to know yourself through others. Through self-expression and acceptance you are able to  dissolve your masks and live yourselve in truth, freedom and love. You will learn how to empty yourself from inner barriers so you can truly listen and be fully present and alive here and now.


Learning how to work with personal relationships to be supporting,  effective and joyful co-operation, not obstacles and waste of the time. You can learn how to balance relationships and practical tasks, to give both of the levels necessary space to be able to  switch between them and hold the second level for later.


Learning to go through conflicts with extraordinary respect to others, to be fulfilling and not exhausting, in openness and honesty, and not in a considerate hiding. You can then live a true and deep personal relationship in every level of your life.



Discovering the miracle of group dynamics where you go through the chaos of misunderstanding, differences and struggles through the death of your beliefs and expectations for the miracle of common resonance and unity, acceptance and appreciation of the uniqueness of everyone.


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“I appreciate my time and other´s time, I appreciate my words and words of others, I found out how much “sauce” is in the communication and the rule to say your name has the magical power not to talk “anything” only because there is a silent.”


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With Community Building in business, you can support existing teams to grow in collaborating and performing. You can use it to support bigger transformations and shifts in the whole organization. If our special workshops for companies and organizations, are interesting for you, please contact us for more information.

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